Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum order?

  • No, we currently do not have a required minimum order.

Do you only accept PayPal as a payment source?

  • No, We also accept Money Orders and Checks. Orders paid for with a check or money order are put on reserve for 15 days. If payment is not received after that time, all items will be relisted and appropriate action taken. An extension of time may be given, if a reasonable request is offered.


  • Yes, but not all countries are updated in our system. Please contact us for information on the country to be shipped to, before ordering.

Are all the items listed on your site in stock?

  • No. All of the comic items and some of the holiday items are on hand, but most of the t-shirts and personalized crafts are assembled after an order is made.

Are the pictures shown of the actual item being sold?

  • Yes, pictures are of the actual items. Sometimes promotional images from the manufacturer are used to show what the item looks like opened or in better lighting, but there will always be pictures of the actual item shown. Most of the crafted items are examples of what the personalized finished items will look like after completion.

If I order a comic book will it ship in a flimsy, mailer envelope?

  • No, all items will be securely packed before being shipped, and comics will be bagged and boarded for extra security.